Lesen & Hören

Englische Version des Romans (übersetzt von Christine Yuill) und meine ganz persönliche Liebeserklärung an Korfu.

Sophie had found her vocation working as a doctor in Münster. After several disappointing romances she finally seemed to have found happiness in her relationship with Michael. Then one day, she´s invited by her former colleague Martha, who is now married to a greek, to visit her in Korfu. Once there she meets Rolf who lives a quiet life as a photographer on the island.
Both individuals are satisfied with their lives. However, not all of a sudden as it sometimes can happen, love emerges like a mild spring breeze, which slowly grows into a raging autumnal storm. They don´t even get the chance to shield themselves from its impact – even if such a thing were to be possible where love is concerned.